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How To Do Netgear Router Setup If There Is No Modem?

You can easily do Netgear router setup if there is no modem. You need to have access to the Netgear web interface and then apply some settings. Well, it is not as complicated as it might sounds, and this is the reason without the modem one can easily do the setup of Netgear router as their own. Thus, in this blog, we are explaining one of the simplest ways for Netgear router setup without the modem. 


So, for its setup, follow all steps carefully and if any problem arises, then feel free to contact us. As our Netgear router setup, support helpline service is here to immediate assistance. Here, kindly notice you have to compose your Netgear router for cable internet connection with Netgear Genie.


Significant Ways ForNetgear Router Setup


Well, there are a few numbers of the way by which you can do Netgear setup of the router without the modem. So, in the below, we penned down some ways; 

1. Firstly, you have to unplug the router’s power cords. But, if there is a backup battery on your device, then you need to remove it temporarily.

2. Take a Cat5 ethernet cable for connecting modem to Netgear router’s internet port.

3. Take another ethernet cable for connecting your operating system to Netgear router’s LAN ports.

4. If you have removed the plug-in battery, then you have to insert that battery into your device. Once you set up everything correctly, wait until all lights become stable.

5. Next, you have to reconnect power to Netgear router setup and wait for a few moments until power light becomes green.

6. You can open the web browser of your choice and type Netgear router’s IP address in the address bar. And after entering the IP address, hit the Enter button to log into Netgear router settings.

7. Next, enter default login credentials at the Netgear login page and check one thing, i.e., login credentials are case sensitive so join them properly.

8. If due to any reason you are unable to log into Netgear router settings then perform a factory reset the router to its default settings.

9. After restoring Netgear router to factory settings, tap on Advanced Setup wizard.

10. You redirected to the next window where you will ask if you want to detect the type of internet connection. In this page, press a click on the checkbox that is next to Yes and then hit Next button.

11. Now Netgear Setup Wizard will detect the internet connection type, so wait for a few minutes to finish the process.

12. Once the Netgear router setup has finished configuring the internet connection, Congratulation page will appear on the computer’s screen. 


So, this above are ways for setting up the Netgear router. But here at the end of the steps, one congratulation webpage displays on your screen. You have to click on the option of taking me to the internet to test internet connectivity. Thus, when you tap on it your Netgear router setup without the modem is done. Lastly, do tell us if you have any question regarding Netgear as our website is here to help you.


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