Steps For Ex2700 Setup

What Are The Steps For Ex2700 Setup?

In this article post, we will show you the step-by-step procedure or guidance on the basic steps Ex 2700 Setup If you remember then, in our last article, we told you how one could easily do Netgear setup. So, now before telling you the setup process for Ex 2700, let’s discuss how to Install Ex 2700 WiFi extender? Thus, in the below section, you will know the answer to that.  

How To Install The EX2700?

For installing Ex 2700 do follow the instruction as it is they were mentioned as by doing the same, you can quickly install it.

1, First of all, place the Extender in the same room exactly like the WiFi router.

2. Make sure that you have a live internet connection coming from the primary router, which means your internet connection should be strong. 

3. Into an electrical outlet plug, the Extender and you need to wait till the Power LED to become stable. Once you connected, the Device Link LED should illuminate solid green.

4. Now, launch the web browser as this should take you to NETGEAR genie to help with the installation.

Here, please note that at a time when you do not see NETGEAR genie while you open a browser then, type Later you will be asked for a user name and the password of it. Here, when you know how to install Ex 2700 then, now know about the installation process of Ex 2700 via WPS. 

Process To Install the EX2700 Through WPS

As you know the EX2700 has a WPS feature which can easily connect to devices which also have WPS capability. So, the process of this is also the same as the above process. 

1, In this also, you have to place the Extender in the same room as the WiFi Router in the first step. 

2. After assuring that your connection has strong network plug the Extender into an electrical outlet and wait till the Power LED to become stable.

3. Then, press the WPS button for at least 2 seconds on the side panel of the Extender. 

4. Later, within 2 minutes, press the button of WPS button on main router of yours.

5. The WPS LED on the Extender should turn to solid green and the Router Link LED should also turn solid green to show that your EXT is connected to your main network. 

6. Move the Extender to your preferred location but make sure it is in between the router and the wireless devices to acquire a good signal.

Basic Steps For Ex 2700 Setup

1, Power on the Netgear N300 EX2700 extender.

2. Place the extender and WiFi router in the same room.

3. Once done, plug your Extender into an electrical outlet.

4. Wait for the Power LED on EX2700 to light green.

5. Press the WPS button on the Extender.

That’s all for this post, and we hope now you know what to do for EX 2700 setup. Thus, for your more question on Netgear setup do connect with our website as we always give you the full informational details on Netgear.  

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